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Automotive Specialty Tools, LLC has been selling Automotive Tools and Equipment on-line since 1999, before it was even popular and a common thing to do. We have worked with technicians and home mechanics to learn what they need and want and how soon they want it.

Get that car back on the road… fast!

When a car is down its becomes a high priority to get it up and running in a timely manner. Although we offered expedited shipping, and we did our best to get things to you quickly, overnight and 2nd-day shipping could be quite expensive for you.

Like many of you, we do a lot of shopping on Amazon and are Prime Members. We love that we can get Free 2nd Day Shipping and reasonable overnight shipping as Prime Members.  It is because of our personal experience with Amazon that we have decided to migrate all our stock to Amazon and let them stock and ship for us.

  • Prime users get free second-day shipping or very reasonable overnight shipping
  • You know when and Item is in stock, no calling to ask

The tools that we are displaying here are the ones that are stocked in Amazons Warehouse. Click the “Amazon button” to be taken directly to that tool or visit our Amazon Storefront. Visit our Amazon Storefront

We are currently building this page. The tools with graphics will take you to Amazon. The rest we are working on!!  Thanks

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