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Hey Shop Owners.

We know that you take pride in your shop and that you want only the best for your customers, Right?  Well, part of doing a good job is making sure that parts are clean before they get reassembled.

Liquid Gold?  Nope, dirty nasty solvent.

Liquid Gold? Nope, dirty nasty solvent.

Parts Cleaners have been around for years and its not something you probably give a lot of thought to but they are necessary.

Clean solvent gives you cleaner parts. There’s no if, and’s or but’s about that.  Your shop’s comebacks will be reduced when you reassemble using clean parts.  Or maybe your technicians give that one final cleaning with aerosol can cleaners, at a fairly high cost! 

But maintaining clean solvent in your parts washer get rather costly especially with the rise in petroleum based products. If you maintain it yourself you not only have to buy clean solvent but you have to worry about hazardous waste and disposal. If you have a service that comes and replaces it every so often the cost can be a lot higher.

When I did a search for the cost of Parts Cleaning Solvent an average was around $100 for 5 gallons. So if you have a 30 gallon parts washer every time you refill it with clean solvent it can cost around $600.

But there is a way that you can have plenty of clean solvent, whenever you want, even everyday, and it will pay for itself in no time.

The StillClean Portable Solvent Recycling Machine is BACK!

StillClean Solvent Recycler

The StillClean is a small portable unit that will recycle just over a gallon an hour of dirty, mucky. oily solvent and clean it right up!  You never have to settle for cleaning with dirty solvent again.

Since it is lightweight and portable you can move it around your shop to maintain all your parts washers and you can recycle 24 hours a day if needed.

The StillClean uses vacuum and low heat distillation process, not filtration, to clean the solvent. The dirty solvent is pulled into a distillation tank where it is heated to a boiling point. Adding vacuum to this process causes the boiling point to be low adding to the efficiency and safety of the unit. The solvent evaporates and is then cooled back to liquid and drained into an accumulator while the dirt and grime are collected for emptying later. The Clean solvent is now ready to be put back into the parts washer.

If you have 7 minutes you can watch a great video on how the StillClean Works. I think you will be impressed. I know I was!

If you have one of these or have seen them in action let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.