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Good Reads on Automotive repairFrom around the internet, here are some outstanding articles that may (or may not) interest you. There is a something here for everyone, whether you work as a mechanic in a shop or turn your own wrenches at your home.

Catalytic Converters: New Diagnostic Strategies – Catalytic converters rarely fail on their own. This well written article really helps in understanding what a cat converter does and how and why it fails.

Auto Repair Shops Really Do Charge Women More (Sometimes) – Interesting study from a call center calling a repair shop for a quote. The more “informed” the consumer was on what a repair should cost the closer they were quoted to the actual cost. Uninformed women were quoted higher than informed women and all men.

Car Repair Costs Jump 10%, But There’s Good News, Too – The cost of repair jumped but the number of repair shop visits have decreased. This article is chock full of great statistics.

And while we are talking about the cost of repair here is a great article on  The most expensive (and cheapest) states for car repairs. In case you don’t want to read the whole thing, New Jersey came in at the most expensive due to flood damage, Vermont saw repair cost decline and  was the least expensive. Oklahoma, where we are, came in 39!

So if you want to save a bit on your personal Auto Repair bill, this articles talks about
Which auto repair jobs should you do yourself? They are all pretty easy!

Ford recalls 370,000 cars because of steering-shaft corrosion – Ford is recalling 370,000 cars because of potential corrosion to their steering shaft that may result in loss of steering.

Just for fun, Farewell to a beater, takes a look at the life of a vehicle and the sentimental value when it finally kisses the pavement goodbye