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The new U-Scan by Actron is a OBDII Connector that will pair with your Apple or Android based smart phone making it a powerful diagnostic tool.

U-Scan - Diagnostic Solution for Smart Phones

Diagnostic Solution for Smart Phones

You buy the unit from folks like us (hint hint) and then visit I-tunes or Google Play to download the features you want.

The standard app features are free and the Advanced Features are affordable. The nice part is that you only need to buy the level of features you need. If you are just needing more diagnostics for one vehicle, like your own personal vehicle, you can just buy for that car or you can upgrade to include all vehicles if you work as a technician! I love that it is customizable like that and you don’t have to buy more than you need.

For example, on Google Play, if you want ABS Codes and Definitions, the additional cost is $5.99 per vehicle or $29.99 all manufacturers they have listed. Not too bad!

The standard app software gives you:

  • QUICKCHECK™ which will read codes and give definitions. You can erase codes and turn off the check engine light. It will also monitor your Emissions.
  • AUTOID™ which will automatically identify most 2000 and newer vehicles.
  • TRUELINK™ which quarantees the unit to link to all 1996 and newer vehicles
  • VEHICLE ACTIVITY LOG give you a history of vehicles tests and procedures
  • MYGARAGE™ which will manage your vehicles for easy access.U-scan QuickCheck

If you need a more powerful solution you can upgrade the unit, for a small fee, to give you even more diagnostics.

  • POWERTRAIN ENHANCED DATA – Accesss Powertrain codes and definitions for most 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota vehicles via the manufacturer specific diagnostic command.
  • ADVANCED ABS – Access ABS brake codes and definitions
  • FREEZE FRAME DATA – What were the conditions of the vehicle when the trouble code was set
  • VIEW AND GRAPH LIVE DATA -Read and graph LIVE data sensors, including RPMs, and coolant temperature. Over 300 sensors.
  • CODECONNECT® – Access over 4.3 Million Fixes that will tell you what is wrong with your vehicleU-scan Advance Features
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Have you had the chance to try this new tool? If so we would love to know the good, bad and the ugly!! Leave a comment below