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The Dog Days of Summer are right around the corner and with it lots of heat. But summertime also means vacations, driving the kids to various activities and Sunday drives.   When the weather is nice we want to be out in it and our car is the way we get to… well just about everywhere.

Broken Down CarIs your Car ready for Summer?

If you have an hour to spend it would benefit you, and your family, to take a good look at your car to make sure it is ready and safe.

Here is what to look for.

Radiator Coolant: The last thing you need is to overheat your car when it is hot outside. With the engine cool, check your radiator fluid. Unscrew the cap and look. Does it look nice and green or does it look dirty. If it is dirty change the radiator fluid. There should be a petcock near the bottom of the radiator to drain the fluid out. Replace it with fresh coolant. Read the bottle so you mix it correctly. If it looks clean check the overflow and top it off. Check for leaves and debris that may have gotten caught in front of the radiator. These will restrict air flow.

Hoses and Belts: Look at your hoses and belts to make sure they don’t look cracked, worn, loose. Feel the hoses for soft spots which could burst on a warm day. Don’t forget to look at the clamps.  Do you see signs of leakage?  If so… well you know what needs to be done!!

Battery: Hot weather can be hard on a battery and can drain a battery that is not up to snuff.   You might want to take it in and have it checked or you can check it yourself with a battery tester. While you are looking at it, check the posts and cables and clean them if needed. Here is a Battery Maintenance Kit that has just about everything!

Tires: Check your tire pressure and make sure your tires are properly inflated. This will not only help your tires last longer but will give you better gas mileage.  If you use Winter Tires be sure to change them to your Summer Tires or All weather Tires. Hot pavement can be rough on Winter Tires. Oh… and don’t forget to change the winter air for summer air in your tires. OK, that was a joke we used to say in the shop. I thought it was funny!

Wiper Blades: With spring rains you probably already know if you have to replace your wiper blades. They go bad. Change them yearly.

Protect your Paint:   Give your car a bath and a shave, (or a wash and a wax). This will help protect the paint from the summer sun.

We have automotive tools and equipment for just about any repair job you might have.

Have a safe and Fun Summer

If you have any other tips for getting your car ready please feel free to share them in the comment field below.