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Every once is a while a tool comes along that saves so much time and headaches and it is so affordable that it is hardly not worth not having it.

Anti Rotation Pin - GM
The GM Steering Column Anti-Rotation Pin is one of those tools.  Affordably priced at $8.99 this Special Service Tool  is almost a necessity when you are working on a GM steering wheel.

It helps keep the steering wheel aligned properly so that nothing gets damaged. As one customer stated “if you don’t use this pin and lock the steering wheel from moving it is very easy to spin the steering wheel and ruin some other parts.”

Insert the pin into the access hole on the side of the steering column as shown below.

Using the GM steering wheel Anti-rotation pin Special Service Tool

Sometimes you can get away with not using this tool if you are confident that you can keep the steering wheel still until the repair is complete. Some folks have reported that bungee cords can help you stabilize the wheel. 

If you are a technician working in a shop, though, you might not want to take the chance of someone messing with the car while you are off at lunch or a test drive. That would not be good!!