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Special Service Tools…

are generally the tools that are recommended for a specific repair in the Vehicles Repair manual. Sometimes this is the ONLY tool you can use for a repair, sometimes it just makes the repair easier to do.

Chrysler 3.5L Camshaft Alignment Tool Set

Chrysler 3.5L Camshaft Alignment Tool Set

Special Service Tools are not bought at Sears or Walmart.

Automotive Dealerships have tool rooms that are supposed to have all the special service tools that are recommended by the factory. These tool rooms are for the use of the dealership mechanics so that they have access to the tools needed to work on the vehicle being serviced. As long as the tool is there and available to use, everyone is happy.


But what if you are an independent shop or mechanic, or you are working on your own car.

In a perfect world you could walk into your local dealership and ask to borrow the tool but we don’t live in a perfect world so either you make your own tool, swear a lot and cut up your hands or you send the job or vehicle to the dealership

Special Service Tool Manufacturers

Special service tools are made primarily by a small group of manufacturers.

The majority of these tool are made by the SPX, who was recently acquired by the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. They make the following:

  • Miller Special Tools (Chrysler)
  • Rotunda Tools (Ford, Mazda, Jaquar, Land Rover)
  • Kent-Moore Tools (Detroit Diesel, General Motors, Hyundai  Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, Subaru, Volvo, Kia, Toyota, Isuzu)

Other Manufacturers of Special Service Tools are

  • Sir Tools
  • Assenmacher
  • Baum Tools

Time is Money

Special Service tools tend to be  pretty expensive because they are so exclusive but often the cost of the tool is worth the time and energy it saves.

  • You can get the job done quicker. The quicker you can get the job done, the more money you make
  • You are less likely to damage something else during the repair which creates more downtime not to mention having to explain this to your customer
  • You don’t have “make” a tool by ruining another one to make it work.

The bottom line is that the more advanced our vehicles get the more special tools will be an invaluable resource and a necessary item for any mechanics tool box.

The Good News

You don’t have to work at a dealership to get your hands on these time saving tools. They are available to everyone.  We can supply you with these tools and even help you find which one you need.  Not only that but we can sometimes offer a less expensive, but just as good (sometimes even better) alternative.