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Spring is here and with spring comes lots of rain! It is usually this time of the year when we are reminded about the

Water leak in my car.

Looking for a water leak in your vehicle

Water Testing your Car

I am thinking about this myself because this morning, after a really cool and heavy rainstorm, the leak I have in my car reared its ugly and wet head.

The leak in my car pours water down to the driver side floor. The first time I noticed it, I had at least 2 inches of water. I thought it was a fluke; maybe I left the window open a crack or the sun roof leaked a bit, even though I could see that the window wasn’t open and the sun roof was dry as a bone.

I certainly was in denial that something was wrong with my car.

I have a Nitro and a quick Google of “Water Leak Nitro” was enough to tell me I was not alone with this particular leak. Turns out that there is a seal under the cowl by the windshield wipers that goes bad and let’s water in. I had two inches of water to let me know it was wet but some reports said they did not even know there was a problem until it molded and stank.

Where is the water coming from?

The majority of water leaks in cars tend to come from the windshield. Did you just have your windshield replaced? If you did than I suggest you hop into that soggy car and get your butt over to where you got it done and tell them.

If you want to try to repair the leak yourself the sealant that had some great review on Amazon is the Permatex 81730 Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer, 1.5 oz.

I have not used this stuff myself but based on what I read on Amazon I might try this first. It sounds like it is a little thinner than regular silicone and it is supposed to ooze into the hidden and hard to reach areas.

You might have to WATER TEST.

If you are pretty sure it is not the windshield and you don’t get a nice clear cut path like I did with my Nitro problem you might have to do a little water testing to see if you can figure out where the leak is. Usually it is NOT where you think it will be. Water can creep, crawl and seep a pretty good distance before it comes out into your interior.

Yep, I am going to suggest pouring water all over your car until you find the breach.
The trick to this is to take it in small chunks. You might find it a lot easier, and a lot more fun, with a partner (and maybe a beer). Make sure your partner is equipped with a flashlight and can contort into strange shapes so he (or she) can look into places that have not been seen by the human eye since the day the car was assembled.

Start at the lowest area and pour water on a small section. Watch for water coming into the car. You want to start at the lowest point because if you start above the leak you might unintentionally pour water on the leak as it runs down.

Other things to look for

Some other things to look for are leaking sunroofs. Check the drain to make sure it is not plugged. The Sunroofs are not really “sealed”, they usually have channel around it to capture the water and send it down a drain tube, through the body, and out.
Check all the door and window seals to make sure they haven’t rotted, or got tweaked. Don’t forget the trunk.

If it hasn’t rained and you have a little water after running the A/C it may just be condensation and nothing to worry about however if it is really wet you may want to check the A/C drain under the under the hood usually attached to firewall. If that is plugged enough to not allow the water out, guess where it will go? ON YOUR FEET.
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