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Ford is recalling 2013 Escapes with 1.6-liter Engines and 2013 Fusions with 1.6-liter Engines for Risk of Overheating That May Result in Engine Fires.

Ford Recall Escape and Fusion

Ford Recalls 2013 Escape and Fusion with 1.6 L engines

Reports of engine overheating which may be followed by engine fires is the reason for the recall of 2013 Ford Escape SE and SEL and Fusion  SE and SEL with the 1.6 Liter engine. Ford is voluntarily recalling these vehicles.

About 88,000 vehicles are impacted by this recall in the US and Canada with the bulk being in the USA. According to Ford, the 1.6 Liter is the only engine affected.

According to,  “Some drivers who have experienced high engine temperatures followed by engine fires say that their clusters have shown the message “Engine Power Reduced to Lower Temps” or “Engine over temp, stop safely.”  Some also indicated that their instrument clusters sounded a chime and illuminated a red light.”

To find out if your vehicle is affected by the recall you can check your VIN number.

  • the eighth character will be an “X” on Escapes or an “R” on Fusions,
  • Logging onto, select the “Support” tab, click “View Notices and Recalls” and input your VIN.

You can also call  866-436-7332 (USA) or 888-222-7814 (Canada) .

If you are an automotive Technician the tools are available for this recall.