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Steelman Chassis Ears

Steelman Chassis Ears – Wired Version

A customer pulls up on the drive and says “My car is making a funny noise”.

“I am not sure where it is though.  It’s a thunking noise when I go over the speed bump at 20 mph”.

We laugh inside because our first reaction is to tell the customer to not go over the speed bump at 20 mph and see if that solves the issue, but we don’t say that!

The first thing you do, of course, is a visual inspection. You check the vehicle over for the obvious loose nut (no, I am not referring to the customer) or bolt or shock. If you don’t find anything a test drive is done (hum, where can I find a speed bump I can go over 20 on) to try to duplicate the noise.  Hopefully at this point you have a sense of where the noise is coming from.

Steelman Chassis Ears- Wireless

Steelman Chassis Ears- Wireless

Now the Steelman Chassis ears come out.

These are a must have for those hard to find noises and they can save you hours of diagnosis time.

With the Chassis ears you can listen to up to 6 different locations within or under the vehicle while road testing. You attach the supplied and numbered clamps to an area on the vehicle where you think the noise might be coming from.  From inside the car while driving (you should probably take someone with you for this part) you can listen, through some very nice professional headphones to each channel separately. By isolating each area separately you can determine where you hear the noise the loudest.  The louder you hear the noise on a particular channel (clamp) the closer you are to the problem.

The Chassis Ears come in wired and wireless versions. The Wireless version would be a lot easier to work with since you don’t have wires hanging out the windows but there are reports of a lot of feedback or other noises coming through. The wired version  come with 16 ft of wire for each clamp so there is plenty to reach every inch of the car, unless it is a super stretch limo.

The chassis ears can be used to diagnose  noise coming from:

  • springs
  • torque rods
  • shocks
  • body mounts
  • brakes
  • dash assembly
  • door hinges
  • drive train
  • rear or front axle
  • transmission
  • transfer case
  • suspension
  • sway bars
  • tie rod ends
  • struts
  • axle hubs
  • ring & pinion bearings
  • mufflers
  • catalytic converter
  • 02 sensor
  • Automatice Transmission case
  • oil pump
  • un-torqued bolt
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Bearings
  • Gears & Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Differential
  • C.V. Joint