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LAU301020432We get a lot of phone calls from technicians and shops who are considering a LaunchTech X-431. These are great machines and we highly recommend them.

But… there are a lot of pirated versions out there that will lull you in with very attractive pricing. We have noticed this mostly on Ebay but I am sure there are other places out there that sell them for a lot less than we do.

All I can say is WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING. If the price is too good to be true it is probably is.

We got a call the other day from a customer who purchased one of these units and he is now saying it is an “expensive paperweight”. Why? Because it is a pirated version.

Besides the obvious, a real good reason to avoid these units is because LaunchUSA will not support them! Nor are they upgradeable.

Below is LaunchTech USA’s statement.


Recently, many companies in China are selling copies of equipment originally made by Launch Tech Ltd. in  Shenzhen, CN. These pirated products include the X-431 Master and X-431 Diagun, as well as the X-631 Wheel  Aligner.

[mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]Please be very cautious of these copies and convince your customers not to buy them. There are issues with  quality, ability to update software and no warranty or support after the sale. Launch does not sell to any eBay resellers.[/mantra-pullquote]

The diagnostic scan tools from LAUNCH must be upgraded with country-specific software, in order for them to work in the countries they were intended for. In short, if you are in the USA and you buy one of these  pirated products, you will not be able to load US vehicle software into it—rendering the tool useless. Similarly, the X-631 Aligner from Launch also comes with a special US database and is upgradeable to earlier versions of the aligner. The unauthorized copies of the LAUNCH products are not updateable or compatible with our software.

An overseas version of the X-431, X-431 Diagun and X-631 is only for sale abroad. LAUNCH does not have in China, any authorized distributors for overseas export, and this includes exports into the US. All agents in China exporting pirated product for overseas sales are illegal.

LAUNCH is engaged with the Ministry of Public Security to combat this piracy and make it illegal to either sell or purchase copies of these LAUNCH products.
Do not be fooled by these copies. Please make sure that you are purchasing LAUNCH products from our authorized US branch and its authorized distributors.

You can read the above statement directly from LaunchUSA  here.


In short…

  • They will not warranty the units
  • They are not ungradeable nor will they work for the US Market
  • LaunchUSA does not have any authorized dealers in China who are set up to export into the USA

So how do you tell?

For one, LaunchTech has MAP Pricing. I talked about that in this post. The price of the Pirated Version will be considerably less than the legit versions. You can also call LaunchTech directly and ask them. If you are buying from an authorized distributor (which we are!) you will have no issues with your unit however if you are buying from Ebay you need to ask for the Serial Number of the unit you are checking.

To verify your product please call 1-877-528-6249

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