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I realize that this may not be real appropriate for a blog on car tools but it is something that I think would benefit all you folks out there with 12 Volt batteries that run things like riding lawn mowers and snow mobiles, things that tend to sit up for a while.

Batteries tend to de-charge (is that a real word) when they are not continually being used and that can be pretty damaging to them. Batteries can be quite expensive so we don’t want to take many chances with them by letting them wither up and die.

The best way to maintain the charge on 12V batteries is using a slow charge system. That is what Trickle Chargers are for. They provide a slow charge to batteries on vehicles you have in storage without having to remove the battery. They are great to have but you need to be near a 110 plug.

Sometimes you need something a little a little more portable, that goes out into the field, the forest or the lake with you, that works without costing you an extra dime (aside from the original purchase).

That “something” is a solar battery maintainer.

Solar Battery Maintainer for 12 VoltThis little unit can keep your riding lawn mower, snow mobile, boat, tractor or any 12 Volt car battery charged any place the sun is shining!!

Yes, this is the only requirement!! Solar does not work when the moon is out! We don’t carry anything for Lunar Power (yet).

The box it comes in says its good for fish and game feeders, electric gates and fences as well.

If your vehicle is stored inside you can think about hanging this on an outside wall and running the wires in. The connecting wires are just alligator type clips so if you need to have more wire just add more.

This little unit is pretty affordable at $26.20. Its small, the panel is 6 1/2″x 7″ and light weight.

We had a customer who was needing portable battery power for his Mobile BBQ pit. He bought one of our Power Station Battery Boxes and the Solar Battery Maintainer to keep the battery all charged up while he was barbecuing at shows and fairs.

See how versatile it is!