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At some point in your on-line life you have surely come across a product that says “add to cart for better price”.  You probably asked yourself “why do I have to do this, it is so annoying. Just tell me the price”

Add To Cart.

What you have run across is a manufacturer that has MAP pricing.

MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price.  It is the very bottom dollar a manufacturer allows a product to be advertised.  Notice I did not say “Sell”, that would be price fixing!  MAP Pricing is becoming more and more common among Automotive Tool manufacturers with several added to our list just recently.

As a reseller of Automotive Tools I am personally on the edge to how I feel about MAP pricing.  At first I was all for it. It kept a level playing field among all on-line resellers. Customer service and product quality would be the prime factor for a buyer to come to us over our competition.  Those of us that made a long term committment to run a “real” business, and not an after-thought business run from the corner of a bedroom, would clearly stand out.  On the other hand, I was a little disturbed at not being able to run my business the way I felt was necessary.

BUT… we abided by the pricing stuctures set forth by these manufacturers. We watched as some of our competition also did the same. And then we watched as our sales for those products dried up and became non-existant.

Why? Because others out there did not abide by MAP Policies.  Where are the MAP Pricing Police when you need them!

But that is my problem, not yours, so let’s move forward.

Why do Manufacturers care what we advertise their product for?  They still make the same amount of money.

This is a question I asked many times. It drove me nuts. I still buy it for the same amount, why should the manufacturer care what I sell it to the end user for?  The answer I got was all about reputation. The manufacturer does not want their product cheapened.  SATA was the first one whom we became aware of. They would not sell their product to just anyone and certainly not to (shudder) internet sellers.  They wanted to make sure their product was sold by someone willing and capable of supporting it. At first I was pretty angry. We liked selling SATA. It is an excellent spray gun and we like to sell high quality product, but eventually I understood and respected their position, (and took their product off our website).

Here are a few of manufactureres that currently have adopted MAP Pricing policies.

Launch Technology– This is a great product and should not be undersold.  Ebay is full of Knock-offs that look REALLY DARN SIMILAR but just try to update the unit. It won’t happen. Launch does not support them.  So be careful who you purchase from. We are an authorized Launch Distributor and will only sell you the real deal.

Autel– These folks make a great Scanner which we have sold a ton of. Their DS708 is a top notch Scanner that rivels the big expensive scanners but is a lot less expensive. Our tool support guy HIGHLY recommends their scan products. Autel not only wanted to stop the online advertising/selling of their product they even stated that if they found someone selling it they would buy one to see what Warehouse distributor sold it and cut them off!!  If that happens this product will no longer be available to the general public.






Power Probe

There are others but thats the few I remember.

What I really wanted you to know is why we have some of our products priced the way we do. We believe in providing the very best in tools coupled with outstanding customer service. Our prices may not always be the lowest but just try to get some help, from the seller or the manufacturer,  when a problem comes up and it is either a knock off or they won’t honor the warranty because you did not buy it from a reputable seller.

Just saying….!