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Rent a Special Service Tool

Special Service Tools can be quite expensive and sometimes you may only need to use it once. We now offer Rental Tools. Rent for up to a month at a substantial savings. We are adding tools daily so if you don't see what you need check back, or call!!

OBDII Scanner by Innova. Entry Level

Perfect entry-level tech tool where nothing more than basic diagnostic and repair verification information is needed. Work on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans Domestic & Import includingnewest OBD2 compliant diesel and hybrids

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From around the internet, here are some outstanding articles that may (or may not) interest you. There is a something here for everyone, whether you work as a mechanic in a shop or turn your own wrenches at your home.
At Automotive Specialty Tools it is our goal to get you exactly the Automotive Tools or Shop Equipment you need to do the repair in the quickest time. We know that having a car down or on the lift is costing you hard earned money so we make every attempt to locate the automotive tool you need from a warehouse close to you. With distribution centers all over the USA we generally can get you your tool within 3 days but if you need it faster we can always expedite it.


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His name is Ben and he is here to answer your questions and to find the right tool for your job. Give him a call or submit your question using our "Ask the Tool Specialist" form. He has all the books to cross reference the tool recommended in your repair manual. He also searches high and low to find aftermarket comparable product if you don't need to have the actual Manufacturer (expensive) tool.


We are authorized distributors for many of the Factory Specific or Vehicle Specific Tools that are needed to service today's complicated vehicles, such as Kent-Moore, Rotunda, and SPX. We have access to special tools for Transmission Work, Air Conditioning, Engine rebuilding. We stock many of the tools needed to work on GM, Chrysler, Ford, Saab, Subaru, Volvo, Hyundai etc.